Peter Hassall


What does Peter Hassall say about himself?

“Yes, I’ve got experience – more than the 10,000 hours suggested by Malcolm Gladwell in his book, “Outliers”.
Yes, I’ve got the reputation – my loyal customer-base attests to that.
Yes, I’m honourable and ethical – again, my client-base and my appointment as the National President of the SA Professional Photographers.
And yes, we live in an evolving world, with technology changing every facet of how we do things – daily!
My role is to conceptualise and create images that captivate and tell a story, that show the substance and integrity of the subject.
I’m only as good as my my last photograph, which has to embrace my client’s entire experience from initial interaction with my studio, through to final delivery.

I strive for this, every time.   That’s my commitment to my profession.

Peter Hassall’s photographs adorn some of the most prominent walls in the boardrooms of corporate South Africa.

Yes, I’m a visionary – In an interview with Brainstorm Magazine in 1995 I was asked very seriously if the internet was going to be a player in the future of media and communications.  They were skeptical when I insisted that they quote me as saying, “Watch, very soon, every single print and media ad will have the company’s website listed as part of the payoff line”.

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